ISAGA 2007  -  Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation - 9-13 July 2007  -  Nijmegen  The Netherlands        ISAGA 2007  -  Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation - 9-13 July 2007  -  Nijmegen  The Netherlands

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The conference program

The outline of the program

Monday July 9 Meeting more minds
During this first conference day there will be a variety of subjects being addressed in the sessions, covering the broad fields where g&s can be used. But meeting more minds also refers to the fact that this first day old friends meet again, and that there will be the opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas and experiences with them.
Tuesday July 10 Learning in action
The central theme for the second day of the conference will be 'learning'. Gaming simulations are widely used in all kind of educational settings. On this day there will be several contributions that focus on (ways of) learning and the role g&s may play in that. Designers and users (teachers, trainers) will look from their perspective at this issue.
Wednesday July 11 Reflecting on g&s
On day three a number of sessions are scheduled in which g&s is the object of the study: we know that g&s work, but why, that is the question that is still unanswered. Other session focus on other aspects of using and facilitating g&s.
During the afternoon you will have the opportunity to continue these reflections while exploring Nijmegen and its surroundings.
Thursday July 12 First life meets second life
ISAGA stems from a tradition of interactive games and simulations. Computer based games have developed tremendously in the recent years. Time for us to arrange a meeting between these two worlds: first life meets second life. What can we learn from each other?
Friday July 13 Debriefing the future
The first four days of the conference can be considered as a big opportunity to learn a lot about g&s and to have a variety of experiences. But as we gamers know, learning will only be effective after a thorough debriefing. Therefore we will attempt on the last day to summarize the yields of this week and to translate it in challenging questions and themes that need to be addressed by the gaming community in the next year(s).

Labelling the days with a theme does not imply that all contributions related to that theme will be scheduled for that day.

Detailed program

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The setup of the conference

The conference program at a single glance
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